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These 2' by 3' posters are easily visible to the learner; helping them understand exactly what their body needs to do to make the skis or snowboard turn.

Placed around the resort's learning area, these sturdy ISR  coroplast or vinyl posters can be either fixed or placed on sand-filled sandwich boards strategically  placed in locations where new skiers and riders are learning. Often set up as a station teaching scenario, the ISR system will help guide resort guests as they learn how to navigate the slopes for the first, second, or third time. Resorts that are able to promote group lessons at scheduled times can find benefit in utilizing the on-hill signage as a learning catalyst for their instructors and students. Because most everyone learns visually, the posters make learning a snap. Whether the guest can speak English, or not, the images will clearly direct their next stage of development.

Each poster has supporting coaching tools for teachers, coaches, or guests and can be imprinted with the resort logo. All posters will have a QR code that directs the viewer to the ISR website where they can find a link to the App depicting the imagery for future use, and to the resort's snowsports school product page. The App also has links to our partnered resorts.

There are 6 posters for snowboard and 8 posters for ski. In some busy environments, it is recommended to have a duplicate poster for the opposite side of the board.

Though the system is very easy to understand and implement, support visits by our coaching staff are available. Details vary depending upon location. Contact info@iskiandride.com or Call: 1.845.489.2763 for more information.

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Book Binding

People are mostly visual learners and pictures say a thousand words. This ISR visual guide has step-by-step illustrations and accompanying verbal cues. Cues are positive affirmations regarding specific movements of the body. Repetition anchors concepts and builds skills. Each Stage builds upon the last using natural and balanced movements. As the skier or rider becomes more comfortable, the foundation has been set for more advanced endeavors.

Visual Guide for Teaching and Learning How to Ski or Snowboard

These ISR posters are just like the ones used in the learning area except they have instructional dialog. Keep the staff "on the same page" by giving them these reminders in their pro room. Or, use the posters in busy rental areas to give guests an idea of what to expect in their lesson.

Coaching posters are available in 24"x36" or 18"x24" Coroplast, vinyl, or 100 lb gloss

Also, complete set printed 8 1/2" x 11"  for binders



Children's Ski KIDCOMPLISHMENT System

coming by November 2018

Coaching Posters for staff or rental shop



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