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Welcome! I Ski and Ride (ISR) is the only program that offers detailed pictures and coaching cues to teach people to ski and snowboard
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People from all walks of life learn visually. I Ski and Ride is a visual system with simply stated and repetitive coaching cues supporting each image.


The I Ski and Ride visual learn to ski and snowboard system was developed by long-time trainer and examiner of ski instructors for the Professional Ski Instructors of America, Suzy Chase-Motzkin, who has also helped to develop PSIA-Eastern Division Master Teacher curriculum in the areas of Service, Communication, Movement Analysis, and Freestyle/Freeride coaching and certification. A racing and freestyle background, coupled with over forty years (mostly full-time) of industry experience teaching, coaching, and supervising at Belleayre, Sun Valley, and Hunter Mountain inspired her to develop effective ways to convey movements to instructors and students. Above all, she discovered that people learn best with good visual representations.


Suzy developed her learn-to methodology in the late 80’s. She, like many, found that after people learned through a "traditional" wedge (pizza) approach, it would take years to change their skiing technique to align with World Cup or contemporary advanced technique. She found a way to teach first-timers the same skills as the pros using natural movements. Sharing her ideas with instructors in clinics throughout the United States, she was convinced her methodology was truly effective and easily transferable when the exercises and coaching cues she created started coming back to her in exams. Even better, not only were students having successful outcomes from their lessons, the instructors improved their own skill set without leaving the learning area. They had reinforced the most basic of World Cup movements. And this was without the use of images. When shown the images Suzy drew, people from different backgrounds, speaking different languages, were more easily able to understand what the instructors were trying to convey. And, there was consistency among the lessons delivered.


This video was taken a number of years ago by a GoPro and is not the best representation, but it shows a first time skier as they try the "lift the toe" methodology. Holly had snowboarded before and had good balance to start. She also saw the picture I had drawn of the foot with the big toe up, which definitely helped her understanding. She did not fall and immediately got on the chairlift to ski two green circle runs. This video is about 10 minutes, but  pretty much captures her initial experiences with each addition to the progression. She learned to ski within an hour's time! This is not always the case, as people carry much fear and tension, which needs to be eased through practice and trust. People without any prior physical activity will often lack confidence. Once confidence is built through gentle coaxing, skill is easier to attain.




 I Ski and Ride App The ISR app has fifty expandable images that clearly illustrate what is needed to learn how to ski or snowboard; from first movements, to basic parallel for skiers and linked turns for snowboarders. There is so much information overload during the hustle and bustle of the beginner process; from arrival, to ticketing, to rental shop, to slope. People can review what movements are needed in the comfort of their home, on the bus, or in the lodge before embarking upon learning. This App is not intended to replace instruction by a professional. Never use while moving on equipment. Stop and view in a safe area, away from hazards.



These sturdy ISR coroplast posters can be either fixed or on sand-filled sandwich boards to be placed in the locations where new skiers and riders are learning. Best set up as a station teaching scenario, the ISR system will help guide resort guests as they learn how to navigate the slopes for the first, second, or third time. Because most everyone learns visually, the posters make learning a snap. Whether the guest can speak English, or not, the images will clearly direct their next stage of development.

Each poster has supporting coaching tools for teachers, coaches, or guests and can be imprinted with the resort logo. There are 5 posters for snowboard and 7 posters for ski. In some busy environments, it is recommended to have a duplicate poster for the opposite side of the board.

Though the system is very easy to understand and implement, a support visit by our coaching staff is available. Details vary depending upon location. Contact for more information.

I Ski and Ride 2'x3' coroplast Posters


People are mostly visual learners and pictures say a thousand words. This ISR visual guide has step-by-step illustrations and accompanying verbal cues. Cues are positive affirmations regarding specific movements of the body. Repetition anchors concepts and builds skills. Each Stage builds upon the last using natural and balanced movements. As the skier or rider becomes more comfortable, the foundation has been set for more advanced endeavors.

Visual Guide for Teaching or Learning How to Ski or Snowboard

81/2"x 11




PDF file to print on site


These ISR posters are just like the ones used in the learning area except they have instructional dialog. Keep the staff "on the same page" by giving them these reminders in their pro room. Or, use the posters in busy rental areas to give guests an idea as to what to expect in their first lesson.

Pro room and Rental Shop posters



Contact I Ski and Ride for prices and questions.

Technical and coaching support for the ISR program is also available.

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